Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Best unmanaged VPS | Cheapest unmanaged VPS

The best unmanaged VPS for you

So the first decision you need to make when setting up an unmanaged VPS is to select the best unmanaged VPS for you. This will need to be host who provides the system specifications you need at a price you think is right and that you can afford.

To find the best unmanaged VPS, you need to look at location of the server (choosing one as close the majority of your visitors as possible), the specifications of the virtual server, including the amount of storage space you get, the CPU power, the memory (guaranteed and burst) and the amount of traffic.
Whilst I think the majority of the system specifications are self explanatory, I think it is worth explaining the difference between burst memory and guaranteed memory.
Basically, burst memory is made available to you server in unusual situations, for example if you site suddently made it to the front page of reddit and you saw a mass of people accessing your website - and therefore stressing your server, the extra memory would be made available to help serve up your pages ina timely fashion. It's like when you're exercising, you give yourself a extra push just to get over the brow of the hill or lift that last rep.

Cheapest unmanaged VPS

Whilst it's true that cheapest is not always better, there are exceptions to this rule, and I think that cheapest unmanaged servers may (to some extent) be one of them.
As the name "unmanaged" suggests, there is not a lot of inout on the side of the host, everything is down to you, so you need to make sure you have setup an unmanaged server correctly, covering yourself with firewalls, security and caching software to protect your site from an influx of visitors (we will cover this later).
Personally, I will be setting up Ubuntu on an unmanaged VPS with BHost.net, who from my research offer the cheapest unmanaged servers, atleast in the UK.

So that will be my next step..and blog entry.

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